Spending with Cash Back – Only way I want to spend

I’ve narrowed it down to just a few things, ignoring everything else ; keeping it basic.

  1. Amazon – #1 I think if approved for their visa prime credit card. Link is for a free Amazon prime trial. – Couldn’t find any better ref links beyond that one.
    • Next best thing is Paypal’s business card, not nearly as good but better than nothing. – Couldn’t find their ref. Easy approval.
    • Discover

Rakuten – App & Browser Extension – #1 thing for cash back / auto coupon / deal; rewards on purchases. You only need to use the 1 / apps such as ‘Honey’ etc don’t stack with them & according to research Rakuten is the best. Their referral is we each get $30 when you join and spend $30 & currently until august 12th you’ll also automatically be entered into some high $$$ giveaway.

The app I consider to be 2nd underneath Rakuten is ‘Drop‘, they’re both fairly similar tho I’m sure Rakuten is #1, I wouldn’t want to miss any cash back opportunities so I keep an eye on that one too.

Gasbuddy – Get the best prices on gas, never pay more. Save an extra 10 cents/gal every time your friends fill up ref perk & more. There’s 1 other gas app I completely forget the name of but I determined this is the one to use. In case problem with link – Ref code – EGU3MQA

Pogo – or Ref code – PMX659 – App & Browser Extension – #1- Automatically receive cash back rewards + passive payment with data on purchases. I took awhile to set this one up but it was actually fairly quick and easy, & makes old receipt scanning apps obsolete. – Real convenient. — You may still scan your receipts with the old apps and stack rewards —- *

Overall the absolute highest cash back rewards come from crypto cards, that’s a post for later.

I just don’t think it’s worth the time / effort to go into 4 other apps according to ‘TheMoneyNinja’ , the only 1 of the 4 that’s different and I find is nice to quickly open when entering a store or waiting tho even that 1 I find it’s easy to forget about is – Shopkick – rewarded for store visits. Who has the time to sit down and get all their receipts together all neat to scan into 4 whole apps? I don’t. + Think about how bogged down your phone can get if all these permissions are enabled for all these apps & just how much places are leaning towards the future of paperless receipts.

Receipt Hog , Ibotta , Fetch…….. & Coinout, IDK why you have Google Opinion Rewards App added when all it is , is a survey app which rarely ever gave me any surveys even with location services on 24/7. I calculated these to be a waste of time. If your in a survey mood at all you need to just get that MAIN cryptocurrency mining app I mentioned otherwise keep in mind it’s not all about that, ; that app even has the same store visit reward feature. Considered adding my ref links to these like why not, but when I think of the BIG picture, I know what I calculated & I know I don’t waste my time with them, I don’t want my visitors to bother with them either. —

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