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To put things into perspective, It’s only been like 3 years since bitcoin; BTC / cryptocurrency officially became recognized as a form of payment for everyday things varying across several different crypto coins/networks & with official debit cards that pay using whatever coin you have. There’s many wallets, many great perks. Only a handful are good. I’ll post later about that.

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💎 Mobile Smart Phone Mining 💎

IOS & Android.

There’s really only 2 of them and I wouldn’t just not use them with how valuable I think the coins will be later on. Wish I was in it from the very start, but for some reason I had no idea they existed until fairly recently. I can’t be the only one, bet so much people are unaware of all this or that, I know for a fact if you ask your neighbor or coworker they won’t know. So.. 3 years is far from late getting into it, this is just the beginning. If you don’t own a smart enough phone, now you have a reason to have one, you don’t want to miss out on this coin. It still seems fairly fresh the idea of using a debit card to spend these coins. I already see exponential growth happening. Imagine if everyone at work had their smart phones actively mining away. It’s pretty impressive how much this coin adds up, I never thought there was much $ in mining with anything other than a serious rig until now.

The Main One– This is definately #1, but I wouldn’t count the 2nd one out. Your data is valuable, this one mines geo location data. Every mine / spot is different, you can mine a lot sometimes if you’re lucky. You can even mine some rare NFT’s that give you bonus and mint badge achievements as NFT. It’s exciting like a lottery going on all day. Big mines are announced often and if you click on it before the first 200 people you get a little portion of it, ; your username may be displayed if you find one, good TTV exposure. It has special offers/surveys/ads/shop/game deals you may do for bonus coin, as well as some awesome sweepstakes prizes you may enter into. — From what I understand this basically makes every known ” make $ for playing games/apps ” website obsolete – they’re all the same, and you most definitely want to save your ‘new user accounts’ accounts for this crypto if going to consider casually doing any offers at all, otherwise you’re wasting a lot of time being on those other websites. Expect to see very nice bonus’s from these offers time to time, but know for the most part it’s about the mining; gaining coin isn’t at all dependent on completing offers.

-The websites that all seem like the same, noting for SEO, & comparison. Not recommending to use them. –

  • Mistplay
  • Moneywell
  • Rewardedplay
  • Swagbucks
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Cash Giraffe
  • Freecash
  • Mypoints
  • Appstation

The coin is officially tradable on Coinbase; I think of them as the main wallet, only if the coin is official enough will it be allowed to be traded on there amongst the others. The more coin you hold, the more of a holding coin bonus you gain each day, & this bonus links up to your wallet and counts what you have in there as well to it. You can claim a large piece of land by putting in x amount of coin limited at 3k per owner, and you get a % of everyone’s coins that mines in your area for 7 days. Definitely worth it being majority owner in specific places, and it doesn’t matter how far away you are. Sometimes there’s a vague notification that pops up that there’s a pro miner nearby and you get a bonus perk for the time being. Also you can do these ‘drop’ things, drop 10 to a 100 coin several times a day, you can send coins to anywhere tagged with whatever note you’d like; great for advertising / promoting, capped at 50 drops a day/ 6 times/100 coins, it’s worth doing drops for that especially if you have something to promote. There’s 4 different levels to this app. Free, lite, pro, & master. I’ve read oh pro is not worth paying for, actually it is even if you don’t drive a lot or go anywhere you’d be surprised. A bonus builds up for staying in one spot. Master you only get after being a pro for 6 months basically and after fulfilling a few easy achievements. I can’t imagine master being that much of a bigger difference from pro after looking at the added what 3%’s, I know the price difference is steep tho I’m curious to try it out. Master is a level where after you fulfilled the requirements, you have to request it. Pro is like $36 a month. Master is like 90. There’s an interesting referral program, and also there’s special cards you can use to increase profits & a bluetooth device that’s better than the card that gives you a % of everyone’s coins near you. You can use both devices, the benefits stack I found out. Use my link for free 1000 coins & – I’ll be gifting a large amount daily to the referral that earns the most if I can see that, IDK what I’ll see until one referral. Also there’s another referral perk. I’ve already made far more than 36 in 14 days.

The other – This mines bluetooth device data. Lots of devices all around us. I wonder how new it is, I see I got the app before it was improved / updated recently and since I’ve written this I’ve seen it improve even more. This coin currently can’t be bought in the United States but that may soon change. Unlike the main one , this app is pretty basic. 100% free with the option to mint NFT’s and that part isn’t free. Not much of a referral.

💎 Serious Pc Desktop / Rig / Alt / Bitcoin Coin Mining 💎

Main – This is the only software I’ve used with bitcoin mining. Reliable, and nice app to view stats / control the mine with. Little to no fees and reasonable minimum withdrawal. Still thinking of those powerful mining usb chips even after seeing they aren’t accepted anymore, I know in some places they are… I’m just still trying to figure out the most efficient way to utilize the right ones if it’s still doable.


💎 Minor Browser Mines 💎

Main – Been around for a long time and has improved & added new stuff since. Also can count as a third miner app but for the browser though, it’s not the same as the others & it only works for Androids because of Apple’s restrictions. It’s surprising how much it adds up if you keep at it just like with all things. This is under the same company, but mines NFT’s; I still don’t understand mining of those, but with a trial token I saw $10 add up fast. Their whole NFT ‘egg’ thing hatching and evolving is really interesting and fairly new.

This is a good, & I’m unsure about “Candypocket” I’ve been using. Use code FZ39DDJH . Candypocket I am not sure what happens in 30 days after sign up if you can’t verify identity for the U.S… but only several days of mining that and it’s already at $20, and I noticed on one of the gamble sites below Candy is used. 7-29-23 update – use caution I’m skeptical if they’re scammers. How convenient it is I was at nearly $35 worth, and starting to get up there mindfully mining a lot, & all of a sudden my account which was a log in with google was gone- a token error which I’ve never seen & on their Twitter people are calling out scammers. IDK! But I see you can withdraw now, idk what the deal is. – 8-2 , back at $20 worth so soon, wonder if I’ll be able to cash out. Update —— 9-2.. at $80, account still there, trouble withdrawing.

Not too many browser mines.

💎 Free Coins Faucet / Gamble Sites 💎

Not too many good ones around. For the most part —this is the #1 best site it’s been around a long time, and also has improved and added new stuff since. & This & this every hour – + – Every 6 hours – + Every 12 hours

And these – ABC DEFGH

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